#airbnb for dinner


Over the last few years, a number of marketplaces have popped up to enable people who have assets or time to share them with others: There’s Airbnb for hosts who wish to share their apartments with guests who wish to stay there; RelayRides to allow people to share their cars with others who want to rent them; and Lyft to connect drivers with passengers in their cities.

Now there’s Feastly, which provides a marketplace to connect hungry eaters with cooks nearby.

Feastly follows a pretty typical peer-to-peer model: People who are passionate cooks — whether they be professional, semi-professional, or amateur chefs — can list food that they plan to cook and invite eaters to buy a seat at their table during the meal. The goal is to lower the barrier of entry for cooks to enter the marketplace while also making dining more social.

Launched in private beta…

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