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May 2014


How to find the right keywords

How to find the right keywords.

Social Media and SEO – how effective is your website?

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EnigMedia Marketing

social-media-seoYour business SEO strategy may currently be based around link-building – where specific paths are created to lead directly to your website and increase your search engine ranking – but this is no longer the best way to promote your website.

Although Google once allowed the tactic of using link generation as popularity votes, it wasn’t long before they realised that fake link-building could lead to some websites gaining an unfair advantage in terms of popularity and ranking. The old system of link-building could in fact be easily manipulated by web builders to enhance their SEO ranking which led to Google introducing penalties to counteract the problem. Google has now discovered a smarter way of measuring the popularity of your website – and it’s called social media.

If you have a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account for your business, you probably already have a group of “fans” who are willing…

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Nat Ant

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Design. Only Better.

Something Sexy via Hover states

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Webdesign: Involvio

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Design. Only Better.

Something Sexy via Web Design Inspiration

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Webflow Interactions

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Design. Only Better.

Something Sexy via Awwwards – Sites of the day

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NASA: Future Flight Design


LIBR 237 LMC Materials

Author: NASA

Future Flight Design is a web-based interactive, problem-based learning environment where students in grades 5-8 learn about forces of flight and design air transportation and aircraft systems of the future. Biographies highlight careers in aeronautics and aerospace engineering. Students can work in groups, utilize project logs (provided) and used provided links to research about weather, air traffic, airport design, aeronautics, navigation and aviation that include interactive tools, movies and articles.

Grade Level: 5 – 8
Flesch-Kincaid grade level: 6.8 (average, in articles tested)

A fun and engaging tool for meeting next generation engineering, technology, and applications of science standards. Articles and tools are well organized, written at a reading level appropriate to the target audience in clear, concise conversational language. Discipline specific vocabulary is defined within the articles requiring minimal prior knowledge. Graphics are provided to give visual support to more difficult…

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#Love: I’m Single, Therefore I Tinder

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In the game of Tinder, you win or you get bored and give up. That is pretty much standard operating procedure for anyone with a smartphone and a libido.

But what if you’re bad at Tinder?

Naturally, I can’t solve all your problems. But experts from across the country, as well as Tinder’s own Sean Rad, have hooked us up with some solid advice.

Tinder represents a new phase in the era of online dating. At one point, the only real online dating options were eHarmony and, and their rich, divorced customers were usually looking for something more serious. Then came OkCupid, asking you to browse photos in the cold blue light of your computer.

Now, we’re in the age of Tinder. The Tinder Years. Not only is the app free, but it tries its best to mimic the experience of perusing hotties in a bar, as…

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Why Apple Wants Beats

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We shouldn’t be surprised that the strongest brand in the world is looking to buy another solid brand. Far beyond the guffaws of audiophiles and tut-tutting of those who know what Apple would do, we find a place where a massive investment in Beats would make some sense.

First, understand that Beats is a successful hardware startup in an era of fizzling hardware profit. Most of Beats’ competitors are also-rans at best and there isn’t a single audio company that I can think of with the same numbers or the recognition. There are a number of headphone companies that own the low end but these are krill in the oceans of commerce, rebadgers that buy cheap and sell high. Then there’s the high end. Apple could buy Bose or Grado but neither of those companies have the scale necessary to make the investment make sense. Logistically, Beats can make and…

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