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May 2014


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Trimming the Fat – the Power of Visual Hierarchy

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Are you ready? Get SET!

How often have you visited a site and not been able to understand what the purpose of half the information on it is? It’s redundant, it’s confusing and it’s information overload. Basically, you recognize that it’s related to the company, but it holds little to no value to you as it’s information you didn’t need to know.

Now this can be a case of poorly placed material that is of value but needs to be in the right section to for it to make sense OR it’s padding: the water-bra of information filling up the sidebars. Sure it looks nice, but when you get down to it it’s void of anything useful.

This is where a strategic designer can shine! By evaluating the content (keeping in mind user experience theories) and working with the client to understand what it is they are truly trying to accomplish with their website, the…

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Usability for Web and Mobile Interfaces

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* cerys *

In this post I cover an introduction to what usability is, how to make usable software and how you can check to make sure you app is usable!

This post is based on a presentation that I have been giving at Southampton University and Imperial College for the past 7 years or so. The presentation has evolved significantly over time and has become focused on mobile interfaces in particular, but the principles discussed apply to usability on any software platform.

What usability isn’t

Before we cover what usability is, just a word on what it isn’t. Many people equate usability with good visual design. Although good visual design can often help with usability by making things clear and easy to understand, swishy graphics alone do not make software usable. The Toyota website shown in the screen capture below provides a good example to demonstrate that.

Screen capture of a graphical website Pretty but not very usable

The web page is very pretty, and has a very…

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Useful Website #7

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