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This week, I’m positively smitten with…

1. Winter holidays: I will start by saying that I hate winter in New England. But toward the end of November, I get all giddy, as it’s the one time of winter I truly enjoy – the holiday season! Although I’m not religious, I celebrate Christmas eagerly and excitedly, and consider this time of year one of the best. I love everything, from the light sprinkle of snow to the holiday lights to the Christmas trees to the spirit of giving. It always makes me feel extra warm and fuzzy inside.


2. Hot chocolate: When colder weather hits, there’s nothing quite like a warm drink to make everything feel okay again. Recently, I’ve rekindled my love for hot chocolate, especially if it’s flavored hot chocolate! I’m obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts almond coconut and mint hot chocolates – and if you want to make some flavored…

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