Being at the top of Google Search engine page ranks is important for some businesses in Bangkok. These businesses may vary in size, field and types. Some may be a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), other could be a Large Corporation that depends highly on page ranks. seo bangkok

In the past, google released their search algorithm ‘Google Panda’ and ‘Google Penguin’, it puts emphasis more on quality content and lowers the rank of low quality sites. The following year, the ‘Penguin’ update targets suspicious links that are pad or keyword generated link networks. Thousands of popular websites were affected by the change of these search algorithms.

The Hummingbird
In 2014, with the release of ‘Hummingbird’, the increase of websites affected sky rocketed, and the number predicted to be 87% of searches worldwide, which is the biggest changes to Google’s search algorithm ever.

2014 SEO ‘Hummingbird’
Some SEO techniques that have been very effective in the past have become unuseful, the state of SEO has been constantly changing over the years. Keywords are no longer ‘hot’ in the SEO world, it is now leaning more towards interesting and useful content. The topics for these content is the defining element that serves the algorithms. Good quality content automatically attracts links, which improves the page’s visibility in search results.

Link Building
While backlinks or links that point to a site is still one of the most important factors to rank better, it is not the number of links than matters anymore. Generated links that can produce optimize anchor text on web forums and comments on articles becomes less important nowadays.

Social Media
The use of social media to share interesting content plays a big role for a site to rank better. The more ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ for an article or a post that links to a particular site will definitely get some points on the ranking results. Linking articles to Google+ profile via authorship information will definitely make google search engine happy.

If you haven’t adapt to Google’s drastic changes this year, I highly recommend to learn about ‘Hummingbird’ and then make the right changes for a truly optimise site, aim at google search engine.